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Where To Sell Your Bitcoin For Naira: Koyn App


  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    Will you people be doing these kind of adverts if the founder was alive? Advising people to do transaction with illegal entities. EFCC will clamp you people down very soon and as for those numerous dirty betting adverts flooding your pages that we struggle to read sports news on front page also tells the new values you share on CS.

  • Chima. Though some if the adverts are annoying but you need to look at how much it is costing them to remain online today.

    You need to try set up a simple blog and run it for two years not to talk if a huge website like this.

    I believe they should have checked for the legitimacy of the adverts before they run it.

    Our own way of supporting them and the vision the founder left behind us to tolerate these adverts.

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